We have been immediately attracted by this photoshoot by Artem Dolzhenko as it features a perfect combination of the codes and style of wedding with some fashion accessories. And of course, the perfect use of light and colors that gave this atmosphere of being beyond reality; the earth with its white sand being melted with the sky.

The location was in Ukraine, in one of those deserted places that hide breathtaking landscapes. The colors were perfect for a photo shoot, and the sunset hour reinforced the already soft and pleasant colors that Artem wanted to have as background for his pictures. The bride is elegantly integrated inside this amazing landscape with the choice of a white floating gown that enable the use of movement perfectly captured and that results in a very graceful shoot.
But there is not only grace in there but also a sense of power. The very impressive and trendy jewelry (from the brand co-founded by the model herself) along with, of course, the crown made of flower add this feeling of power and strength that can lie in every woman.

In fact, this was the starting idea of the shoot that was inspired by the cover of Vogue magazine of Beyonce, the symbol of the women with power! The picture was shot by Tyler Mitchell (chosen by Beyonce herself) who was the first black photographer to shoot the cover of Vogue.

“We decided to create something beautiful and powerful to highlight the Women, with their mix of grace and power! »

With French Mother’s day approaching, the photo shoot felt perfect to us and we are pleased to share it with you!

Photography: Artem Dolzhenko Florist: Ellis Flower | Dress: My Wony | Jewelry: Kamni Jewelry | Model: Anastasia Chertopoloh

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