Between modern concrete walls and natural surroundings of a sand beach, this Kinfolk-themed editorial was born from the photographer’s desire to create a minimalist aesthetic,  inspired by modern daring brides. Focusing on freedom, Chloe Fayollas highlighted the movement through gesture & fabric to express this research of liberty and simplicity. An ode to life, purity and freedom…We wanted to honor them by the prism of the movement and elegance of a contemporary dancer.

This inspirational bridal edito focused on the current brides who take responsibility for their choices and personal influences, suggests breaking the dichotomy between a modern and mineral universe versus nature.
We looked forward to find the balance between graphic lines, curves and poetry. The muted color palette and the predominance of white both emphasize the spirit and mood of this bridal edito dealing with purity, liberty and movement.

As an invitation to imagine a bridal outfit differently, going through the traditional wedding codes, and letting the brides soul talk, Eléonore Pauc, dress designer, imagined and designed a semicircular skirt made of muslin and fluid silk crepe, created from more than 20 meters of fabrics to make the brides free of their movements. The « Joy » skirt has become a unique piece from the new 2019 collection. 

With a loose and fluid open-back top with delicate and beautiful plant-inspired details designed by Eléonore, or with this elegant body which hugs the woman figure, we wanted to reveal how to be a daring bride, combining different pieces from different worlds like fashion or contemporary dance. The transparent veil also brought modernity and delicacy to outfit.

Photography & styling: Chloé Fayollas | Dress & accessories: Eléonore Pauc |Body: American Vintage |MUHA: Jenny Jane MUA | Dancer & model: Ambre Badin

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